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Palentina mountain

The Palentina mountain is a destination with cultural and natural resources.

Additional information
All getaways will consist of:
1 ½ day activity
1 day activity
Tailor-made getaway: weekends, long weekends, holidays or groups.

Always offering Trust through certifications, as is already the case of the Active Tourism companies in Castilla y León, with a responsibility document through a certification and audit by ANETA (National Association of Active Tourism Companies), Security in which we offer services exclusive and hygienic sanitary and lastly with the identity of the territory itself, making it a "special" place.
Xplora Fauna

Sensations that we will discover and enjoy with family, friends, couples or alone through guided and interpreted routes of the different animal species that inhabit the Palentina Mountain accompanied by expert guides.
Xplora Naturaleza

We will walk trails, tracks, roads and routes, in some cases for the first time accompanied by you, within the heart of the Palentina Mountain, visiting ancient forests or peaks of more than 2000 meters accompanied by guides who will teach us the mysteries of this land so spectacular.
Xplora Gastronomía

We will explore the flavors and smells of this land with typical products and gastronomy with a mix of unique experiences.
Xplora Románico

You will know the greatest concentration of Romanesque art from the experts, visiting the churches and hermitages dotted throughout the Palencia mountain in a dynamic way, in some cases almost unknown.